The new bits in Live 12 - Meld, Roar. How are you using them?

Just thinking about this, haven’t used meld that much but haven’t really given it a chance yet… Roar seems quite big, I think its a really capable saturation.

Live 12 is deff an improvement overall IMO. GUI is a bit better which is big when you use it all the time! I Like having the miking in arrangement view. I also like having the fx rack alongside the midi editor.

I guess I want to hear what changes in live 12 people are making use of because its such a big software I probably have noticed hardly many of the updates?

Meld and Roar are definitely highlights. Since you haven’t explored Meld much yet, you might find it opens up a lot of new creative possibilities once you dive in. Its ability to handle complex modulations with ease is a game-changer for designing unique sounds or evolving textures.

In terms of other features, many are finding the new granular synthesis tools and the improved MPE support to really expand the sound design side. Live 12 also a bit easier on the CPU!

Dont use live mate FrOOOt loops

That said the tagging I was looking at and interested… dont think it has AI tagging yet does it? Just the similarity search?

Agree with the cpu but what is the granular synthesis part in 12?

Not made the jump to live 12 yet… is it worth the money? Think I missed the preorder pricing!!

Yeah for me the upgrade was totally worth it. I did pre order though.
Most of the changes are ease of use ones with the interface… obviously the new devices, some scale stuff, library tagging