Top VST/AU Plugins 2024

Let’s start a top plugin thread - what is everyones go-too?

Essentials IMO I have discovered so far:

  • Trackspacer: Waves Factory
    • Applies an inverse EQ of another track onto the track it is applied to. Kind of a smart alternative to side chain compression!
  • DuckBuddy (max for live device)
    • A midi ducking plugin (side chain compression again), works with MIDI trigger so latency can be completely avoided.
  • Pianoteq 8
    • Realistic sounding paino plugin. “Physically modelled” not sample based.
    • overpriced
  • Melodyne
    • good vocal manipulation/ autotune
  • Synplant 2
    • Synth with a funky interface.
  • Bitspeak
    • A “bit” effect plugin, like listening thru a mobile phone
  • Valhalla vintage verb
    • everyones fave verb plugin it seems…

That’s my list to start off, comment below and I’ll update this post with suggestions as we go!

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I would say SERUM should go on the list for sure!

Weaver beats video has some good recommends:

Xfer OTT on my list!! And its free!

Been using a lot in the tracks

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Diva - My go to synth

Antares AutoTune Pro!!!

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Yeah Melodyne is on the list, it is good for correction afterwards but I do tend to find myself going for AutoTune when I need to do stuff fast or live!

Diva definitely ought to be on the list. Used to love massive but serum is my go to these days. Diva for that analogue warmth!