Free Learning Resource List

What free resources are out there? Could be useful for some to compile a list.
In no particular order…

Not free but affordable and recommended:

That’s a start… must be a lot more out there too! anyone got anything?


Learn Music Production Online for Free | SoundGym School has some free stuff, interesting way they structure it too! Could be worth adding.

Mercurial Tones on YouTube has some decent tutorials.

not a learning resource but if we’re talking youtube, bad gear series is great:

Yo I got most my tips from reddit /ableton /musicproduction. then it’s youtube. deadmau5 has a few tuts, few other EDM artists too; learn from the best…

SynthRecipes on reddit is interesting - people asking how particular sounds are made.

Syntorial is like a synth video game that trains you to program patches!

"“You suck at producing” is actually my top youtuber so far! Good tips and some humour too.

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Alright! Some good suggestions thanks all! I’ll add these but keep them coming. :slight_smile:

I really like this channel too, the lessons are quite short and he’s a bit deadpan, good info!

Here’s one: Lots of info in the manuals!!

Bad Gear is great IMO… A lot of the gear is not that bad but it’s an interesting one if u into production gear. many memes…

Ones of the teenage engineering stuff I liked - some of that stuff is odd thing to spend your money on…

Adding the manuals to the top post, good shout. Obvious one to overlook!