What gear do I need minimum just starting out learning some music production?

Hi Guys,
I have a laptop and have been using FL Studio for a bit. Don’t really have decent headphones or midi controller I think those two are on my list. Not too sure which to get though so any recomendations?
Also any other gear I should get to start off? I’m literally just starting, probably not looking to splash out.


Hi Mate,
I’m no expert but been at it about a year… I’d recommend getting a decent set of monitors, but first some good headphones.

Cheap for starting out some good options are:

  • Sony MDR-7506
  • AKG K240

Are you attached to FL or would try other DAW too?

Welcome to the forum fella! :wave:

I’d concur with doom69 - maybe start by grabbing some decent headphones.

What’s your music knowledge like, do you play an instrument? Do you understand musical theory concepts? If not it could be helpful to learn some basics (don’t need to master it imo to do electronic stuff but it is handy to have an idea)

Cheers mate, RE: FL , yeah I would admit that I have branched out a bit, FL I used the most but the last week been dipping my toes in ableton!

I’ll check out those 'phones, thanks!

Hmm, yeah I could probably brush up on the theory but do play guitar on/off.

You might want to check out a book I found: Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers

It’s a quick read but really was useful to get my head around some of the theory concepts. I play guitar too but some of the stuff about circle of fifths and some of the concepts about scales etc was lost on me before I read this!

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