Strategies for starting a track

Just interested how everyone is approahing this.
I’m usually open a blank project, then beat first, then chords and then melodies… Havent really nailed it down 100% though can switch it up.

Is that common or are other people starting out with a template or something?

I usually create a loop, maybe 4 bars then double it, change some stuff.

The loop I start with drums and add SUB, then BASS, then the top elements.

Once I get a busy sounding 8 bar loop, I’ll try to make another one which is a bit camler like B section.

Then paste these across the track in some arrangement maybe I have something like ABA or BABA over time of 3:30

Once that is done then a lot of listening back, removing parts, tweaking.

Don’t do this all the time, but one good way is to take a reference track, put it in the DAW, kinda remake the structure of it, flipping between the reference and your work.

Take the structure and other inspirations then rearrange it, chop it up, use different sounds etc. Sometimes a good way to get a template!

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Ooooh, nice! Kinda feel like this method would be good with some of the AI Vocal Separation stuff you mentioned on Has anyone found an example of AI in music production that is actually useful? - #13 by djkhalidsmells

Like separate out the reference track so it is easier to hear each part!

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