What headphones is everyone using?

What headphones is everybody using?
I’m using AKG 240’s cheap and cheerful:
I’m quite happy with the sound but would be open to getting some closed backs too…

I’m using a pair of Sony MDR-7506
About the sam cost as the AKG you mentioned but they closed backs!

Eyeing up HD 490 PRO but it’d be a bit of an overspend :money_mouth_face:

I’m using the Sennheiser HD 650’s Beautifully clear open back headphones. They’re pretty famous for a reason, not bad for the price but on the steeper side.

Ahh, bit jealous of them… they seem to be on every list and youtube video I’m looking at. Starting to want to give them a try… I did replace th pads on my AKG though so they quite comfy but do wonnder what the extra £300 would sound like!!

BTW… The replacement pads are great. Got them a while back from a company called Brainwavz audio. They do leather/memory-foam pads for most brands so if urs need swapping would recommend!

The AKG240 has a horrible stock pad, its plastic and sweaty. These are much better!

Might not be needed for already nice headphones like the hd650’s tho :stuck_out_tongue:

They list these for the HD650