What Piano libary are you using?

I’m currently on a Kontakt one - Nils Frahm Noir. Its living on an ssd cause too big for my laptop lol. I tried a few others but this is my top so far!

I’m using pianoteq in most stuff - price is a bit of a rip off but the sound is good. I think I preferred it to noire but not by that much!

I’ve got Garritan CFX dont think he tests that in the video but it is big size: 123 GB!!!

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So it looks like from the video top 3:

  1. Grandeur
  2. Hammers + Waves
  3. Ravenscroft

@piano looks like noire comes in #4

Personally I havent tried any of these so will have to give them a go- will report back… :face_with_monocle: