When is it necessary to use third party plugins? VST's AU etc

Is there truly any time when it is needed to use a third party plugin when using a modern DAW e.g. Live Suite? I find myself often using plugins in the past but more and more have been trying to use the DAW built in functions to accomplish similar effects; I think it’s the way to go. Seems to be lower latency and the sounds are as good as I was getting from some plugins…

Things like replacing using lots of Diva Synth with Live alternatives + effects… sure some plugins will stay, but especially in Ableton the in house devices controls appear in the bar at the bottom, it’s quite handy!

Any thoughts? Specifics?
Is there particular third party you can live without?

Yah can’t get enough of fab filter and vintage verb! Drain on cpu and pocket though :wink:

I was using stuff like clipping VST’s - gone back to saturator in ableton, does a great job if u know how to use it.

I think the included limiter in ableton isnt the best. I prefer FabFilter L2 for that but most other stuff I go for what is in the DAW already!

One stock I have been using a lot: Ableton Operator!! has been replacing a few of my software synths…
Its a lovely fm synth, good interface. Could do with proper MPE support - thought they’d include that in live 12 tbh

Exploring the potential of stock plugins in DAWs like Logic Pro has been a revelation. Notably, entire albums have been produced using just these tools, such as those by Disclosure, demonstrating that you don’t need expensive plugins to achieve professional results.

While I mainly work outside of EDM, the insights from these producers have been invaluable. It’s clear that mastering stock plugins can rival the benefits of premium plugins.

When considering new plugins, personal preference plays a big role, but start with what you have. Use the stock tools to pinpoint where you might need extra help, and try demos to find fits for your setup.

Remember, plugins process sounds with tools like EQ and reverb, whereas Virtual Instruments (VIs) add new sounds.

Keen to hear your thoughts on using stock plugins effectively!

You’re right about the capabilities of stock plugins in DAWs like Logic and Ableton; they can indeed produce professional-quality sound, as evidenced by artists like Disclosure who’ve made entire albums with them.

However, there’s still a place for third-party plugins for those unique needs that stock plugins might not fully satisfy. For example, plugins like FabFilter offer incredibly precise EQ controls and an intuitive user interface that goes beyond what most stock EQs can achieve. Similarly, Valhalla Vintage Verb provides a range of reverb textures that can be distinct from those available in a DAW’s native toolkit.

While using stock plugins can save on CPU and make projects more portable, third-party plugins often provide specialised features or sonic characteristics that enhance a production in ways stock plugins might not.

I think there is a balance but I’d agree third party plugins “are not needed”