Using guitar FX pedals in the DAW

My audio interface is a Behringer UMC404 it has 4 inputs 4 outputs… Some guitar FX pedals I have laying around… They sound good thru the DAW. Sending MIDI instruments to analogue FX has been creating some cool and weird sounds!

Don’t have many pedals but so far been trying with a Boss CE-3 Chorus and also Boss Super Overdrive. Plugging serum through them getting quite nice sounds. Using the chorus on a bus and sending multiple instruments is good. Real nice analogue sounding chorus!

Definitely adds a layer of inconvenience.

Anyone out there messing around with guitar FX pedals in the DAW?

I’d like to try out a tape delay in this way. Don’t have one though, if only!!!

Is the chorus any much better than the The software version? I’d like to play around with something like this but I don’t know if the sacrifice in terms of portability like I have to always be plugged into the Interface when working on a track could be a hindrance.

My workflow is quite sporadic and I tend to like to work on the laptop when I’m out and about so maybe using the pedal like this isn’t for me