Off Topic: I made a coin operated jukebox which queues tracks on your spotify account!

So this isn’t really related to music production but I guess listening to music is a vague link…

Behold the beer crate jukebox:

It has a raspberry PI inside it which is hooked up to an Arduino which is reading the data from the coinslot. The raspberry PI sends requests to spotify using the spotify API. When enough credit is entered users can search spotify using the LCD on the beer crate, select a track, and have it queued on the current spotify queue!

Check it out…


That is weird but kind of want one lol

siiiick, how come u need the rpi annd the arduino??

The combination is needed because for the coin acceptor, you need to read/write to serial fast, I couldn’t get that to work properly by using the Raspberry Pi’s own GPIO!

How long it take u to make?

Dont think I’d have the time or really know where to start on something like that
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