Sync licensing (Getting yor music in games and films)

Who knows the most effective way to get your music licensed in games and films? Is it better to license exclusively to one customer, like a theme tune for a video game? Or to non exclusively license to more individual customers, like youtubers or indie game developers?

I don’t have any placements, so I’d defer my opinion to someone who had some experience…

however I think both routes have their merits, you could even do both (with different pieces). Licensing exclusively to a single customer, like a theme for a video game, can be pretty lucrative and give your music a lot of exposure if the game hits! You’re essentially tying your work to the success of that game.

On the flip side, non-exclusive licenses to multiple customers, like YouTubers or indie developers,could offer more steady, income streams. It’s less about a big payout and more about consistent royalties.